Historical opportunities of Internet plus

In 2016, the national transformation led to industrial transformation and upgrading, and traditional enterprises faced the greatest opportunities and challenges in history!

Six pain points of traditional enterprises in "Internet transformation"

In the process of transformation and upgrading of Internet plus, the core factors of repeated failures of traditional enterprises are as follows!

Difficult transformation
Traditional enterprises+the way to win through the whole network marketing

Whole network marketing must master the correct method

Traditional enterprise+whole network marketing solution

Appropriate whole network marketing strategy

Internet plus cross-border cooperation mode

Grow up together with traditional enterprises, advance and retreat together with traditional enterprises!

  • Marketing outsourcing+
    Consultancy cooperation
    Assist customers to formulate short, medium and long term whole network marketing implementation plans, implement implementation, data summary and improvement

    Target enterprise:domestic market
    Service requirements:Products are competitive
    Service advantages:Provide marketing strategy and execution

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  • Marketing outsourcing+
    Commission cooperation
    Responsible for online marketing planning and promotion, providing accurate target customers, and traditional enterprises responsible for offline business docking

    Target enterprise:O2O Traditional Enterprise
    Service requirements:Has cooperated for more than 6 months
    Service advantages:Sharing risks and profits

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  • Phased implementation+
    Perform outsourcing
    Only provide the execution team or network resources to cooperate with the customer to implement a project

    Target enterprise:Enterprises that need resources and execution teams
    Service requirements:Existing basic team of the Marketing Department
    Service advantages:Reduce enterprise costs

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7 core advantages

In 10 years, 10000 enterprises have made rapid and continuous profits through online marketing

Whole network marketing+successful cases of enterprises

In the past, many enterprises have reached cooperation with Woodman International Marketing Consulting!

Whole network marketing cooperation+customer testimonials

You are not the first customer to come to us for full network marketing. We have been recognized by many customers!

    Ask now Whole network marketing

    Different enterprises have different methods

    Whole network marketing+core team

    The core team is from marketing or technology, with an average of more than 6 years of marketing execution experience!

    Network wide marketing business school+implementation

    It's all dry

    Internet+latest information

    Learn about the latest Internet news