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Important reminder: (please look at the treasures and consult again)

The overseas senior Wikipedia editorial team will help you create and maintain entries for your brand to enhance your brand image and trust. Help companies get Google knowledge panel display, greatly promote brand exposure.

1. Don’t do the unknown: If the authoritative media reports less than 10 different content reports, you don’t need to consider it, and it will be deleted quickly if you do it. The wiki is very harsh.

2. Do not do what is cheap: Do not do what is cheap and stable. Cheap is not good, and good is not cheap. It is an eternal truth. We have been deeply involved in the wiki industry for 10 years and are responsible for every entry we make. (Reference quotation, English wiki 5800-9800, Chinese wiki 4800-8800)


We provide:

1. Please contact our staff for specific price;
2. The service fees for Chinese and English individual/enterprise Wikipedia entries are the same;
3. Senior Wikipedia user, professional and independent operation of Wikipedia;
4. Full refund if the entry is not created successfully;
5. After the entry is created successfully, 15 days of free after-sales management service will be provided, during which the entry will be deleted and created for free;
6. Wikipedia in both Chinese and English is a necessary tool for your product promotion and personal reputation promotion;
7. The weight of Wikipedia and PageRank is much higher than that of Baidu;
8. Search engine inclusion rules show that Wikipedia ranks ahead of Baidu Encyclopedia for the same term;
9. First Wikipedia and then Baidu Encyclopedia have become the industry practice;
10. Wikipedia has become a new standard to measure the popularity of people and enterprises and the influence of the industry. Wikipedia, you deserve it.

★★★★★★ Warm prompt: After Wikipedia entries are created successfully, they will be inspected by Wikipedia inspectors and edited and modified by other users. Some entries will go through multiple stages, such as discussion on saving or abolishing, review application for saving or abolishing. According to the creation and editing experience, if a Wikipedia entry is included for 7 days without being deleted, it means that the entry has survived.


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