Reprint:FOPO Launches Triple Portable Monitor for Laptops and Other Devices

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New York, NY - (NewMediaWire) - October 31, 2022 - FOPO recently brought forth their 15-inch triple portable monitor. Compared to normal portable monitors, this triple monitor has 2 screens and a unique design.

FOPO Triple Portable Monitor comes with some high-tech features which have proven to be excellent and user-friendly, with many people liking the product. FOPO triple portable monitor can be easily connected to many laptops. FOPO triple portable monitor has two 15-inch screens, and it fits for 15"-17" laptops. With 1920 x 1080P resolution and 74% NTSC, it delivers rich color and clear images. It also comes with a rotatable angle of 235MAX; this supports multi-angle displays in meetings and allows one to efficiently multitask without top switching workspace back and forth.

Though this portable monitor has a unique design compared with normal portable monitors, its installation is very simple. With only 4 simple steps, users can easily transform one screen into three screens, and each screen can display different images. This helps avoid buying additional laptops and boosts work efficiency to a large extent. Apart from work purposes, this triple portable monitor can add more fun to games. With the FOPO triple portable monitor, the gamer can enjoy a wider and clearer view so that they don't miss any details and will have a better gaming experience.

With a low blue light design, the triple monitor extender can protect the user's eyes to the utmost and relieve eye fatigue so that the user's eyes won't get tired after a long time. The brightness, contrast, audio volume, and other parameters of the extended monitors can be adjusted separately. When not in use, it can be easily folded and doesn't take up too much space.

This monitor has different ports, which make it possible to be connected to different laptops. In addition, FOPO triple portable monitor could be connected to many other devices such as PC, mobile phones, PS4, switch Xbox One, etc. FOPO triple portable monitor has complete accessories included, therefore users don't have to buy additional accessories.

About FOPO

FOPO is a company dedicated to the research and development of portable monitors. Through years of research, FOPO product is always customer oriented. FOPO triple portable monitor not only has 15 inches, but also produces monitors of 13.3 and 12 inches to meet various needs and are well received.

Media Contact

Company Name: FOPO

Contact Person: Trinity

Country: United States



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